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We have worked extensively onsite at a wide variety of beautiful venues in Cornwall. With decades of professional experience and years of innovation and imagination, we can help you create a beautifully bespoke wedding.


The Flower Shed team offers a personal service beginning with a free consultation.  It’s a great place to start bringing your ideas and flower dreams together with one of our experienced team members.


Once you have booked your date we can ensure that your flowers add to the joy of your special day. An initial consultation includes 45 minutes at The Flower Shed where you’ll be able to meet the team and discuss your vision. Please call to make an appointment, we would love to see you.



Design it yourself. We can supply top quality, fresh flowers for you to create your own wedding designs and décor. 


Our knowledge of flower wholesale allows you to order a wide range of flowers and foliage to suit your day, scheme and budget. Our flowers arrive twice a week and can be delivered to your doorstep. 


We take great pride in quality inspecting, conditioning and caring for our flowers so they arrive to you in tip-top condition.

Bespoke Weddings

If you feel a more personal service would suit, following your free consultation, we can work with you to design specific installations, design themes and floral elements for your day.  


This will include staying in close contact with you right up until the big day, preparation and setting up of designs at your venue and removal of and/or moving of installations between venues.

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